Skylight and Roof Blinds

Skylight Blinds are exclusive slide-openig blinds that open a section of the ceiling to the sky with a motorized operation either by remote or switch. Skylight blinds are installed in museums, art galleries, schools, and commercial business houses. The Skylight Blinds have been designed for windows of practically any shape including skylight, round, angular, sloppy and unusual situations where conventional blinds would be unsuitable. The Skylight Blinds may be installed horizontally, vertically or any intermediate angle.

Grorich Horivert Skylight Blinds are used to control solar heat gain, glare and light levels in museums, greenhouses, residential areas like atrium, art galleries, factories and offices. These blinds require a complete know how and experience which is only possible by a turnkey provider who offers complete design, engineering and installation support.

"Symphony of Shades"